T21 Unit 5, RP#1

  1. Give one enlightenment idea or phrase found in the Declaration of Independence.
    1. LIBERTY
  2. There were three Enlightenment philosophers mentioned in the first section of the reading — name one.
    1. LOCKE
  3. Jean Jacques Rousseau said that rulers have a social _________ with the people, meaning that they owe the people to do what is best for the people.
  4. A Christian believes that the Bible is true, whereas a _______ believes only the non-miraculous parts of the Bible are true.
    1. DEIST
  5. What philosopher wrote about women’s rights?
  6. BONSU: This was the “old regime” or “old system” that the Enlightenment philosophers wrote against.

T21 WH RP 12/1

  1. This individual was the first tsar of Russia.
    1. Ivan the Great
  2. This individual was a Catholic monk who wrote an important document and nailed it on a church door in 1517, thus starting the Protestant Reformation.
    1. Martin Luther
  3. The European re-inventor of the printing press which allowed for books to be mass produced and sold at low cost.
    1. Gutenberg
  4. What was the name of #2’s famous document?
    1. 95 Theses
  5. T or F: Peter the Great imported printing presses to Russia in his efforts to modernize his nation.
    1. True
  6. T or F: Those who cared deeply about the Protestant Reformation and Counter-Reformation were hardcore humanists.
    1. False
  7. BONSU: Which nation was the first to discover an alternative route to Asia by rounding Africa?
    1. Portugal

T21 WH — Monday!

  • Here is the AoW. Your 250-word response is due Friday. If you type it, make sure you will be able to finish typing at some point this week on your own time.
  • Read and study sections 4 and 6 of the binder textbook. Be ready to be quizzed tomorrow.



T21 WH — Unit 4 RP#1

  1. What is the more common name used today for the region Columbus called the West Indies?
    1. Caribbean
  2. What was one plant, animal, or pathogen that traveled from the “old world” to the “new world” after Columbus?
    1. See textbook or image
  3. BONSU: What was one thing that went the other way?
    1. See textbook or image
  4. What is another word for “indigenous”?
    1. native
  5. The “conquerors” from Spain, such as Cortez and Pizarro were called what? (They wiped out the Aztec and Inca)
    1. conquistadors
  6. What “product” was traveling from West Africa to the Americas in the Triangular Trade Route?
    1. Slaves, people
  7. What was one product that traveled from the ‘Mericas to Europe in the TTR?
    1. Cotton, tobacco, sugar
  8. BONSU: Why was it Europe that ended up making the voyages of discovery and not the Ming or the Muslims (pick one)?
    1. Ming: They decided to isolate and stop voyages of Zheng He
    2. Muslims: They were devastated by the Mongols when they sacked Baghdad

T21WH MKDs for Unit 3

Get at ’em, tigers!


1066 – Norman Conquest of England

1095 – First Crusade

1206 – Genghis Khan begins Mongol conquest

1258 – Mongols sack Baghdad

1271-95 – Marco Polo’s travels

1279 – Mongols take over China – start of Yuan dynasty

1324 – Mansa Musa’s hajj

1347-48 – Black Death ravages Europe

1368 – Start of Mighty Ming dynasty in China

1405-33 – Zheng He’s voyages for the Ming

1429 – Joan of Arc kicks butt at Battle of Orleans

1438 – Rise of Inca Empire

1453 – Ottomans capture Constantinople, turn it into Istanbul

1480s – Height of Aztec Empire

1492 – Columbus “discovers” New World

1522 – Magellan’s voyage circumnavigates the globe

1595 – Shakespeare writes Romeo and Juliet